Aleksandra, ‘Lover’s Journey’, tantric-shamanic workshop, October 2018

After this workshop I feel myself full of strength and internal uprightness, as if I had not two but four strong, supportive legs. The experience of my Anima and Animus in both positive and negative aspects was incredible. It turned out that in each of these characters, even those I would see as repulsive, I found a multitude of precious gifts: sensitiveness, strength, distance, wisdom, brightness, skill, stability, rooting. These encounter with my Anima and Animus gives me the choice of building the relationships based on a true, clear, pure feeling. I consciously choose how I act; what, whom and why I invite into my space. I have the power to say ‘no’ when needed and courage to say ‘yes’ to weave the fabric of life together, in all the colours! I take responsibility for all my relationships in my life and there appears joy and gratitude; the wisdom of experience and passion for life. I feel respect and gratitude towards the woman that I am. I feel respect towards a man. Towards each person I meet. And I feel the power of what we can create together as ‘us’.