Agnieszka, tantric-shamanic workshop “The Lover’s Journey”, October 2018

‘The Lover’s Journey’ is a workshop about our 4 aspects: Positive and Negative Anima and Positive and Negative Animus. And about bringing these aspects from the unconscious to consciousness, so that they do not manipulate our lives, That is what theory says 🙂

What about practice?

It was a week of endless reflection and discovery. It started right away on the first evening. We were working on the direction of the workshop. It turned out that my subconscious opens for me an incredible wealth of images and symbols. And then, over the next days, I was digging through dance, movement, voice to all the memories and unconscious programs that guide my life. I saw my parents, my grandparents, my aunt in a completely new light. In my body I really felt what I got from them and how it affects my relationships and the way I communicate with people.

I met my positive Anima and the positive Animus, I could feel their qualities, I saw them as part of myself. The images from my life kept moving in front of my eyes, when I felt that way, when these realized qualities influenced my decisions and helped me in my life. It was a beautiful, light, joyful meeting.

And the next day – meeting with the negative Anima and the negative Animus, with my shadow, with what is repressed, unconscious. Tearing through the unconscious, confronting with what is difficult in me, what I cannot accept, what I am forcing away, although when integrated, it becomes my strength. It was not an easy day – training a distance to yourself, a sense of humour. Finally the awareness that this is a diamond, that here I can find true strength, spontaneity, vitality. That by blocking the qualities that seem “negative” to me I deprive myself of the drive to life, the power of action. That I am blocking my authenticity, I show the mask to the world instead of the truth about myself.

There were, of course, humorous moments too: this is how my negative Anima looks like? And my negative Animus? My God, that means, I am attracting such men and how can I blame anyone now…?

And then beautiful moments of acceptance and integration of these qualities in myself, a sense of depth of their strength and immense value. Understanding why my relationships with people look like they do.

It was an amazing week of observing myself, the wisdom of getting to what is hidden deep in the subconscious and brightening these hidden aspects. Learning to accept myself as I am, removing the mask and showing the truth about myself ☺

Agnieszka’s reflection

Tantric-shamanic workshop ‘The Lover’s Journey’, October 2018, Nowa Morawa, Poland