School of Tantra of the Heart, XII Formation of Psychodynamics of Relationship and Body Communication, meeting 4, Nov. 2019, Nowa Morawa, Poland

It was fun to stand in the ‘I don’t know’ position again and rediscover myself. To look deeper and discover life from a different point of view. This feeling filled me with joy and hope for a better tomorrow, for a better path. Now I know how much I cheated myself and how unconscious my live has been. I have the power to change and transform. I go into life with hope and responsibility, confident and convinced how important I am to the universe and that the universe will support me on my path. I got filled with love and I want to share it with no expectations to get anything in return.

Irek, the fourth meeting of the ‘Wolves’ Formation, November 2019, Nowa Morawa

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