Life energy


Sexuality is a creative act of nature, the life-giving energy that recreates life in itsdrzewo_zycia pure form. It is the force of creation, it is the primal energy that powers the entire universe. A human being is a part of this great ecosystem; a woman and a man, in their desire for immortality. Each time they meet in love, it is as if they were dying and getting born again and again. The sexual meeting of two people in their hearts is like a big generator which embraces the two of them and radiates into the whole world. Sexuality is our nature and affects all spheres of our lives; health, joy in the family, feeling of happiness, clarity of thinking, our creation. It is really only the beginning of true life journey. The deep and satisfying sexuality makes the life full of colours, flavors and fragrances. Sexuality is being yourself just like that, it is the life energy.


‘Dip me in him’ Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska

Dip me in him

like the rose in the vase

up to my eyes, to my brow, to the crown of my fair hair

– roll him through me,

flowing round,

like the kissing seas of the Pacific.

Who cares if the night and the dawn perish,

the light of the moon and the sun

– only make him sink in me

like the music of a violin.

When it touches my heart

I will play the sweetest part

– him.