Magdalena Dominiak

She follows a conscious path of inner knowledge, the path of the heart. Every day she discovers life in its usuality, in the ordinary moments (by feeding the ponies, dogs, pigeons, and milking goats). She experiences humanity in all its aspects, in the body knowledge, expression of emotions, and soul experience. Dancing, traveling, poetry, and contact with nature are her passions. When working with people she is guided by acquired body work skills, therapeutic knowledge, gained experiences and intuition.

Magdalena DominiakDuring the years of research she has participated in many development, tantric, shamanic and dance workshops, those dedicated to working with the body, mind and healing of the soul. She has completed her master degree in finance management, and postgraduate studies in business psychology. She gained communication and relationship experience working as a sale representative for 12 years.

To develop the means of relationship and communication she has completed two-year psychotherapy studies and graduated from Tantra of the Heart school – Formation. She cooperates with Tantra of the Heart today. Thanks to that she has been introduces to body work methods, psychotherapy (Gestalt, Rebirthing, Postural Integration, lucid dream, regeneration movements, experimental Gestalt approach, myths and fairy tales work), various forms of relaxation (dance, massage, spontaneous movement) and meditation (meditation, dynamic meditation, trans). She does shamanic journeys learning and deepening her inner development. She participates in Creation Laboratory – Psychodynamics of the Relationship & Body Communication.

She has taken part in Dance Movement Therapy, she is a certified Lomi-Lomi Nui massage therapist. She proposes various massage forms: lomi-lomi, tantric, therapeutic, shamanic. She facilitates tantra workshops, individual sessions and sessions for couples and various forms of therapy associated with body work, spontaneous movement and dance.