Szymon Podgorski

I am 36 years old. My mother is a highlander from Makow Podhalanski, my father comes from Bieszczady – Łaszki Murowane near Ustrzyki Gorne.

My business path

I started at the age of 16 by writing computer games, then by designing a software for business, and next by equipment production. At the age of 24, I was on the board of management of several companies. Minimalism was important for me and I achieved what I wanted. However, I felt clearly that my business path does not make sense any longer, more money would not improve my life in any way. In 2011 I finally stopped running the business. I run the therapy room and workshops because this is what my heart really wishes. I feel genuine joy and I am really touched when I can support others and help them to follow their path.Szymon

My personal development path

I have 14 years of experience in this field, including individual therapy. Exploring forms of work with people I graduated from Tantra of the Heart school – Formation. I collaborate with Tantra of the Heart today. Thanks to that I have been introduced to body work methods, psychotherapy (Gestalt, Rebirthing, Postural Integration, guided meditation, regeneration movements, experimental Gestalt approach, myths and fairy tales work), various forms of relaxation (dance, massage, spontaneous movement) and meditation (meditation, dynamic meditation, trans). I do shamanic journeys. I participate in Creation Laboratory – Psychodynamics of the Relationship & Body Communication.

I have many years of practical experience how to help the group processes and business process, with an emphasis on aspects such as sexuality, power, sensitivity, love. In addition, I went through an annual internship in a business and professional consulting in the context of the system. I have been in a developmental relationship with a woman of my life, and we have two children. Playing the saxophone, traveling, good comedies and continuous creation are my passions.