Agnieszka Weinar

AgnieszkaShe is a seeking woman, many years on the path of personal development, all the time ‘on the road’. Educated and passionate forester, she chose her studies to be closer to the nature.

For many years she practiced professionally athletics, she was a multiple finalist of the Polish Championships in the long jump and a medalist in the 4×100 m relay.

She currently runs her own company, co-working with a sawmill in Finland. She believes that in business relationships, as in everyday life, the most important thing is authentic contact with the others. She has successfully applied this principle in her professional life.

She also works as an interior designer. She creates harmonious interiors, designed so that they match energetically with people living there. She loves using wood in her projects. She believes that it is the living and beautiful material good for people to live in its surrounding.

She is a happy mother of two teenagers.

She is an art-therapist, she has graduated from a year Expressive Therapies and Relaxation Techniques Academy, where she learnt therapy through art, dance, drawing, voice and sound therapy. She also graduated from Tantra of the Heart school – Formation. She cooperates with Tantra of the Heart today. Thanks to that she has been introduced to body work methods, psychotherapy (Gestalt, Rebirthing, Postural Integration, guided meditation, regeneration movements, experimental Gestalt approach, myths and fairy tales work), various forms of relaxation (dance, massage, spontaneous movement) and meditation (meditation, dynamic meditation, trans). She does shamanic journeys. She participates in Creation Laboratory – Psychodynamics of the Relationship & Body Communication.

She facilitates workshops where she helps people open up to their inner truth and direction through art and movement. She shows how important the manual creativity and creation in general is. She allows people experience the value of creating something with their own hands.