Spring tantric-shamanic workshop „Seed of the Earth”


Spring tantric-shamanic workshop „Seed of the Earth” – grow your roots, reach for the sky!


This is quite an extraordinary Tantric-shamanic workshop aiming at personal development and devoted to our sexual energy and the energy of our ancestors.


What is my mission? How do I find the right path? How do I stop being a wimp and start moving in my unique direction? Do you feel like changing something but don’t know what exactly you can do? 


How can you get to the source of active creation, which is concealed deep inside you? No book and no film w góręwill ever give you the answer. You have to look inside yourself to go further. The seed, dormant inside you, has the power of healing. Feel the earth, feel it as you break through the rigidity of the everyday life… entering the vast space of ample vitality.  Have the courage to go further, beyond the delusive comfort, beyond the golden cage, which the society and you yourself have built up for you. Open up for creation of your own life, reach for your soul, hear it calling. Like a sprouting seed, awaken by the bird songs in spring, so is your soul in quest of the inspiration to grow. A grain, filled with life. A code, hidden in the seed of your soul.   


„Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”.  

T.S. Eliot


At our workshops you will reveal the source of creative impulse for the seed to burst open, sprout, shoot up to the sun and leave the old patterns behind. Recollect your childhood dreams… As a child you were that seed, what are you now? Together we will purify the vibration of the name and feel its elevating power. We will touch the true code hidden in our names and find out our true identity. The consciousness of the name bears creative potential, just like every seed bears potential to grow up into a full wheat ear, the embodiment of the ampleness of life. Maybe it’s time to change something in your life and you need a new vibration of the name which would from now on support you on your way. The seed within us is a potential, a synergy of what’s outside and inside. Take care of this seed.


Old myths and fairy tales often narrate the ways our first names or surnames determine the story of our lives. It is worth exploring how your name or surname can help you unravel your inner secret. Through rituals, dance, contact with nature, meditations and using Tantric energy, we will try to change the patterns that confine us in our everyday life.


asia i jsTantra is a self-realization path on every level of your existence. In the attentive and warm atmosphere of the workshop, we will feel and listen to our bodies and experience:


• relaxation of the body (releasing tension and stress), to open up to a better contact with oneself and others;
• Tantric massage;
• awakening of the chakras (energy centres of the body), allowing the energy of the body to flow freely;
• Tantric breath;
• partner meditations, creating energetic fusion and allowing to feel the power of male and female energy united;
• Tantric Wave – one of the most powerful Tantric practices;
• opening up to the male and female aspects existing inside each of us;
the joy of Tantric rituals (performed inside as well as in the open air);
• feeling and raising our sexual energy up to the heart;
dance and fun;
• different forms of meditations;
• spontaneous movement;
• vibration and chanting of mantras.



Teachers: Mario and Gaya

Photos from past workshops: CLICK HERE

By making an advanced payment and consenting to participate in the workshop you confirm that you have read and agree to the Rules and Regulations.


Rules and Regulations


Aiming at mutual respect as well as ethical and smooth seminar course, the event organizers have put together the following list of rules and regulations for the seminar participants.


General issues:

•  By making an advanced payment the participants confirm their enrollment for a seminar and accept rules and regulations listed herein.
•    The participants are required to be over 18 years of age.  
•    Drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs is strictly prohibited during seminars. Participants not abiding to this rule will be asked to leave the seminar immediately.

•    The practices held during seminars are aimed at giving a PROFOUND LOOK WITHIN oneself and one’s history so that life’s energy gets activated. There may appear memories, projections, expectations and desires, also those coming out from sub-consciousness, especially during interactions with other participants. It is essential that the participant is all the time aware of his/her projections (onto the teachers, their assistants, or fellow seminar participants) and remains fully responsible for these projections.
•    During seminars it is not advisable to use computers/internet and telephones, except for real emergencies.
•    There are no sexual relations among the seminar participants.

•    The teachers and their assistants do not get into romantic or sexual relationships with the seminar participants.


Financial issues:


•   Booking a place at a seminar is done by way of e-mail and/or telephone, which is followed by making an advanced payment.
•  Payment of the remaining amount due for the seminar as well as for the accommodation should be made no later than on Day 1 of the seminar.

•  If the participant resigns from participation in the seminar no later than 14 days prior to the event, the advanced payment is returned in full amount.
•   If the participant resigns from participation in the seminar 14 days or less prior to the event, the advanced payment shall not be returned. However  the booked place, including the advanced payment, can be given away to a new participant appointed by the resigning one.
•    Resignation from participation in the seminar can be done via e-mail or telephone.
•    If the seminar is cancelled, the participant is entitled to get the advanced payment back in full amount.
•    If the participant resigns after the workshop has started no refunds shall be made.

Health issues:


•   The seminar participants are solely and fully responsible for their physical and emotional health. The event organizer shall not be held responsible for any possible accidents or health damages borne by the course participants. We suggest that the participants have up-to-date medical certifications as well as relevant insurance against health damages.
•    By making an advanced payment the seminar participant declares he/she is in sound psychic and physical state and there are no health obstacles whatsoever hindering them from participation in the workshop.

•   The participant declares that he/she does not take antidepressants or any other psychotropic drugs on regular basis.
•    The participant is required to inform the event organizer about any psychiatric or other treatment that he/she was or has been undergoing. 


Security issues:


  • If the participant decides to leave the workshop before it is finished, they are obliged to inform the organizer about it prior to leaving.
  • The participant shall restrain from violent behaviour.
  • The participants shall respect themselves and fellow course participants.
  • Hereby the participant declares not to hold the event organizer and teachers responsible for any possible damage to the participant or his/her belongings during the seminar.
  • The participant shall not smoke, burn incense or candles inside the rooms.
  • The participant is fully responsible for his/her bahaviour and deeds during the seminar.
  • The organizer has the right to ask the participant to leave if his/her behaviour is dangerous to the other seminar participants or to the seminar processes.


Secrecy issues:


  • All information regarding the seminar participants data are considered secret. The participant agrees not to reveal this information to any third parties during or after the seminar. The organizer, the teachers and their assistants also adhere to this agreement.
  • Pictures taken during the seminars are published at  only with the prior consent of the photographed people.
  • The participant shall not take pictures of other seminar participants and/or publish such pictures without their prior explicit consent.

By making an advanced payment and participation in the seminar the participant confirms that he/she has read and agrees to the Rules and Regulations listed above.




Do I need to have experience in practicing Tantra, meditation or similar in order to participate in your Tantra workshops?
No, you do not need that. These workshops are meant for people who want to experiment Tantra and who want to deepen their knowledge and spiritual development.

Who can participate in the workshops?
You must be over 18 to participate. You are welcome regardless of your sexual orientation or religious or political views, of whether you are single or in a relationship. If you feel limited in your everyday life and seek to create a new outlook on life and sexuality these are the workshops that can help you achieve that. As well as deepen your spirituality and continue your self-development.

Can I participate in the workshops if I am single?
Our workshops are meant for both couples and singles. People who follow the tantric path as singles are able to develop, among others, their consciousness, sexuality, love, empathy, and intimacy. If you are in a relationship, but your partner is not willing to share the tantric experience with you, you can participate too. Tantra can help improve your relationship and allow you to understand its nature and character.


Will you provide a partner for me if I come single to the workshop?
The ideal situation is when we have the equal number of female and male participants, however even in such a case we do not provide a unique partner. The choice of who you are going to practice with at a given moment is yours. For some people it is quite a challenge, especially at the beginning, but what’s more important is your awareness of what brought you to the workshop. Was it a hope of meeting an ideal partner? Or a desire for a fleeting romance? Or a desire for self-development to attain fulfillment and create happy relationships? Whatever your intentions are, we encourage you to look at each participant with your heart rather than your eyes, as you can experience magical moments with each and everyone.


How old are the workshop participants?
It depends. The age range is 20 to 60, however most people are in their thirties and forties. All the exercises are designed in a way that makes them suitable for most people regardless of their age or physical condition.

If we participate as a couple, can we work together all the time?
Yes, you can. However, before each practice we give a short talk in which we suggest that couples do this particular practice together or separately, as some of the practices will be more effective when done outside a relationship. It allows you to change the patterns existing in your relationship. The choice is always yours. You are fully responsible for yourself and your limits.

Can I practice with the partner of the same sex?
Yes, you may, if possible. However, for some practices we will suggest that women work with men. Unless you are in a love relationship – is such a case usually one person is more in female energy and the other in male energy. It is your decision whether you want to do this particular practice together or not.

Is there nakedness at the workshop?
Some practices (e.g. tantric massage) are done naked, however each participant is free to stay dressed as much as she/he deems appropriate, so that they feel comfortable and safe. We always respect each individual’s pace and rhythm.

Do participants engage in any form of sexual intercourse at the workshops?
No, there are no sexual relations during the workshop. We do work with sexual energy, it is done through body work, breath, meditation, dance or spontaneous movement. Our focus is to show you different methods that you can use to have a fuller and more ecstatic life both in and outside the bedroom. The goal of our workshop is self-knowledge, feeling, communication and energy and sexual intercourse is not part of this – it is a very intimate part of each individual’s world and this is where we leave it.

If I do not feel ready to take part in certain exercises is it possible not to?
Yes, it is. The respect for each participant’s individual pace is our priority. Our goal is to demonstrate a different attitude towards life and sexuality with respect to everybody’s limits.

Are privacy and confidentiality respected during and after the workshop?
We ask each participant to agree to confidentiality rule. All that happens in the course of the workshop is strictly confidential. Our goal is to create a space where everyone feels free and safe. In no case do we agree to any behavior that does not comply with this rule.

Why open up to Tantra?
When you start working with sexual energy you will recover your creativity, your ability to create a life where it is you who makes decisions. You will recover your spontaneity, the feeling of freedom, the sense of your true self. The teachings of Tantra are not limited to just techniques to improve your sexual life. It is way more than sex. It is a unique path of spiritual development, that embraces all aspects of our life, including sexuality and sensuality. Tantra offers the possibility to live every moment of your life consciously, so that you are able to accept every experience with openness and ever-deeper presence, so that you live in ecstasy!

What is Tantra? Is it connected with self-development?
Self-development is a set of various practices meant to develop the positive aspects of our personality. By offering a new vision of yourself and your life Tantra allows you to take a journey towards your soul, through the re-activation of your sexual energy, in other words – your life energy. It opens you up to a new vision of yourself and others based on the positive acceptance of ‘here and now’, based on the body, mind and soul.
If you have more questions please
Contact us  – we will be happy to answer.




Agenda of the Meetings

Ist meeting: The Joy of Discovering and the Acceptance of Your Body.

The goal of this 8-day meeting is to reveal and release the blocks and physical, emotional and psychological tensions that hinder our love and the acceptance of our bodies, so that we can live in sensuality and pleasure. The more our body is free of tensions and accepted fully and completely, the more it is able to relax and be the source of pure joy.

During this meeting you will Discover and Experience:
•    How to create a sacred tantric space and tantric rituals..
•    How to fully accept your body and its nudity.
•    How to open your heart to receptive, conscious communication, so as to create the atmosphere of trust.
•    How to open your senses to fully feel yourself, other people, nature and the surrounding world.
•    How to release, in a joyous and humorous manner, blocks connected with our sexuality.
•    How to form relationships that grow in a creative manner.
3 keys: breath, movement and voice.


IInd meeting: Discovering the Innate Nature of God and Goddess within Me.

God and Goddess manifest themselves in the whole Nature, thus also through our human bodies. There is a beauty hidden in the body of a woman and of a man, and it resembles a flower bud. In the course of this workshop we allow the bud to blossom into the flower.

During this meeting you will Discover and Experience:
•    How to integrate the male and female sides inside me.
•  How to identify and tame the shadow in our relationship through noticing and understanding the unconscious games we play.
•   How to heal the wounds connected with our sexuality through the healing of yoni and vajra.
•   How to enter into contact with yourself and consciously express your emotions and needs.
•   Awakening and honouring God and Goddess within me.

IIIrd meeting: Awakening and Accepting my Inner Child.


Tantra teaches how to celebrate life and love. The other person is a mirror and a door to my development. We all bear a burden of our family experience. Allow yourself to give a new dimension, the healing one, to the triangle of father-mother-child, so that you gain a bigger awareness and love in your relationship.

During this meeting you will Discover and Experience:
•    How to unblock all that constrains you and prepare your body for receiving and accepting pure ecstasy.
•    Healing the old, toxic message from our parents regarding sexuality.
•    Harmony of male and female chakras.
•    How to gain distance to yourself, your body, actions, and personality.
•    How to discover the power of delicacy and sensitivity coming from the depths of my body, heart, and soul.
•  The experiment of the Tantric Wave, one of the most advanced tantric exercises, which allows you to discover your true orgastic nature and releases and heals anything that is not true Love.
•    The Tantric Massage which releases tensions, relaxes body and transforms the blocked aspect of Here and Now in me.

IVth meeting: The Joy of Heart, Love and Cosmic Orgasm.

At this workshop we will have a chance to learn what the multi-orgastic body is. We will experience the sexual energy filling our whole body to the point that we become one grand orgasm of the universe. We open fully to pleasure and transparent partnership.

During this meeting you will Discover and Experience among others:
•    How to experience the Yin and Yang energies and how to play with them.
•    How to awaken the Divine quality of incessant transformation of Yin into Yang and Yang into Yin.
•    How to explore the love relationship through senses and physical sensitivity.
•    How to bring the body to the multi-dimensional orgasm through advanced techniques (Multi-orgasm).
•    How to rebirth myself with total consciousness to change the old programme of my birth.

Vth meeting: The Dance of Kali, Meeting and Transformation of the Shadow.

At this workshop we have a chance to meet the archetype of Goddess Kali, which forms a part of each of us. In everyday life it is most often the case that we fight those aspects of us that we learned to condemn and hide in our subconscious. These are our monsters and demons, which darken our inside and can destroy our greatness and our inner light. At the meeting with ‘Kali’ we learn to recognize our demons and put them in the right place, it is a true rebirth. It is a process of transformation.

During this meeting you will Discover and Experience among others:
•   How to meet, with total consciousness, our Wild Woman.
•   How to heal a man’s primeval fear of the strength of a woman.
•   Give your existence a clear direction.
•   Find strength in sensibility.
•  How to use the Energy of the first chakra, which is the energy of fire, to open the path to spiritual transformation by the journey through the other chakras.
•   How to get in contact with your heart so that it begins to speak.
•   Here we meet in the circles of men and women to use this opportunity to create rituals to heal wounds and allow us to meet the other people on a different level of consciousness.
•  How to understand our emotional world completely, the nature of fear, anger, jealousy, sexual drive, anxiety, depression. How to be able to transform them so that we live a conscious and passionate life.




The Dream and Tarot

kalilaWorkshop is in Polish and English

„And dreams are the language of God. When he speaks our language, I can interpret what he has said. But if he speaks in the language of the soul, it is only you who can understand.”

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho


During the workshop, your dreams come alive. You will live them as if they were happening here and now. You will act them so that they become part of you, so you can experience awareness, understanding, response, reliability, new direction, the meaning of life, and everything that they want to tell you dreams. It’s also a time of fun, spontaneity, dance and new inspirations.

The workshop is based on the theories of Carl Jung and Fritz Perls. It is opening the door to the depths of ourselves, to what is conscious and what is beyond of your existence. It invites you to get to know yourself, to identify with any part of your dream, in which you change “it” to me, and then your vitality and potential increases. Every moment in which you immerse into dreaming is as important as every breath that fills your body with life. It’s the moment that tells you exactly where you are in a relation to yourself, in relationships with others and the world at the present moment.

Dreams are one of our most intimate experiences. Every night we dream, and every dream is unique. The world that we see in dreams – however uneasy, scary, beautiful and full of sex – exposes all our secrets. For the shaman, lucid dreaming is invaluable! Is it possible to have closer communication with the subconscious, than when they are asleep?

During sleep, the events seem very real. Their goal is to make some subtle changes in ourselves. They are part of the process of spiritual development. For the shaman, both of these worlds are one coherent existence. And here lies the essence of shamanism. Whatever change during sleep, or worlds of energy similar to dreaming, we change our „Forms” known to us from everyday life.

Start to write down your dreams today, they can be short or long, may be fragments thereof. The fresher they are the better. Before the workshop, draw a minimum of 12 cards depicting your dreams. These cards are essential to fully participate in the workshop. We will use them to lay Tarot for you this is something you will also learn at the workshop.


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